09 November 2021

Term of business explained: why get them legally designed?

legal design

in the fourth of our terms of business explained series we consider why legal design can be so impactful...

As we mentioned in article one of this terms of business series, just over a year ago, we wrote an article about terms of business. We set out in the article to explain why terms of business were becoming a point of difference for some businesses – legally designed terms of business anyway.

This series, explaining terms of business in more depth, follows up that original blog with more information. In our last article, we looked at when to update your terms of business, here we consider why legal design can be so beneficial…

legal design.

Our first article spoke about terms of business in the context of legal design. We explained how having legally designed terms could help businesses elevate their Ts&Cs from dullsville to Disneyland. We explained how, by empathising with your customers and clients, you could produce terms that not only work but also speed up negotiations and support your user journey rather than detract from it.

legal user experience (LuX)

Legal design is what we do, but it is often a big leap for companies as it requires a complete shift in mindset. However, for those not quite ready to make a big leap, the first step is LuX. This is legal user experience and can be seen as “legal design lite”. This doesn’t work for everything but works brilliantly for Terms of Business. We draw on our skills as legal designers, produce terms that look brilliant, and work for your business, without going deeper on the journey.

consider your end user.

Often our clients are worried how legally designed documents are going to “go down” with their clients or customers. This is such a frequent concern that one of our clients spoke to us about this when we asked him about his journey with us:

“The first time I sent it off to a new customer, I wondered what the response would be. I thought, despite my enthusiasm, that maybe they would say, “what is that? There are pictures, icons, we can’t work with that”.

In fact, the feedback was how refreshing it was to see something so different. Something that looks and feels different and that is trying to do the job in a more user-friendly way. That is a real testament to what has happened, and how we got there. The client was receptive, which is what it is all about.”

We cannot promise that legal design will prevent customers and clients from having queries or wanting to make changes. They will however start that conversation from a much more positive place. And you won’t get any questions asking to translate legalese either!

terms of business – legally designed.

Hopefully, our series has given you a more solid understanding of terms of business but also why we believe so passionately in the power of legal design? To find out what you should include in your Terms of Business why not download our free guide?

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