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Legal design at Lawbox is about making the legal user experience better. We deliver legal services for finance and other regulated businesses, start-ups, and scale-ups by putting people first. We are lawyers, but we are human centric lawyers.  It’s about applying a shift in mindset, and questioning how fit for purpose traditional legal solutions really are.

user focused legal design.

Our Lawboxers are experts in the areas of financial regulation and compliance, commercial, and corporate law.  These can all be extremely technical areas of law, both in theory and application, which is why it’s even more important for us to think LuX (Legal User Experience).

what is LuX?

For us Legal User Experience (LuX) isn’t just about providing a different experience for our clients. It is about providing a different user experience for your users too. We have therefore created a “legal design lite” offering based around LuX.

We think about how to make our legal solutions better for the end-user (your customers, employees, business partners) and the back-end user (your employees). We can help you produce contracts with more accessible language. We can help you produce documents that are designed to create the look and feel of a legally designed document.

While we will draw on our skills as legal designers here, we will not necessarily go as deep as we would from a pure legal design perspective. To find out whether LuX is not only the solution you need but the solution your clients need, contact us.

our services.

We adopt legal design principles to help our clients navigate their legal challenges and implement solutions that work for everyone.  A list of the areas we cover can be found here

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