Our focus upon legal design is a departure from the norm already. But what really sets us apart from other legal service providers is our pricing – we believe that it’s time to stop watching the clock!

our pricing policy.

We want to move legal services from a need to a want. If there is one thing getting in the way of that it’s pricing. We’ve heard many a legal joke focused on legal pricing. To us, it’s no joke that lawyers just aren’t listening, and that’s why we’ve decided to overhaul the way we do things at Lawbox.

legal services with no hourly fee.

No if’s, no buts. All the work that we do is done on a fixed fee basis. We tell you what you will pay in advance and we agree with you what it includes. If we get it wrong, we take the hit. If the scope changes, we will pick up the phone and have a conversation with you and work out the best way forward…together.

It really is that simple.


focus on value.

The value of our legal service is determined by you and how well you think we can solve your problem. Value is NOT a measure of our time, so we need to stop watching the clock! 

We focus on providing the best possible solution to your problem. We won’t propose something if the cost is going to outweigh the benefit to you. Our Lawboxers are paid for the job they do and not the time they spend. What does this mean for you as a client though?

We promise that:

  • You pay for the product that we produce and not how long it takes us to produce it
  • You can pick up the phone without wondering how much it is going to cost
  • You know that we get paid only when we have met (and hopefully exceeded) your expectations
  • You get communications that work for you – not in a way that produces file loads of paper (and therefore time and fees for us)

a flexible legal service.

What if you DO want us to work by the hour? The individual needs of clients are important to use and some clients hire us on an hourly basis to act as an extension to their legal team (or in some cases to be a replacement for their legal team). Here they WANT to pay for our time and not a specific project. 

However, we know that no client wants to receive a huge bill, racked up for items that seem like things that should never have been charged for in the first place. A unit of time for producing a file note of a conversation that we have just had. Seriously?!

We know that clients need certainty when it comes to budget. For clients who want to buy our time, we work out what value we are expected to bring them each month and we understand what the budget limitations are and then we work to that. No surprises, no ridiculous billing.

Check out our fixed prices for contracts and agreements here.

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