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Welcome to Lawbox's Hangout Spot (a.k.a. www.lawboxlegal.com). Here's the deal:

who are we?

We’re Lawbox Group Ltd. (or “Lawbox”, “we”, “us”, whatever you prefer), a UK-based company, registered at Sandford Gate, Eastpoint Business Park, Oxford, OX4 6LB. Need to chat? Email onwards@lawboxlegal.com.

visiting our digital pad.

By surfing our website, you agree to play by our rules. If you don’t, sorry, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

other important stuff.

Remember, we’ve got a Privacy Policy and a Cookie Policy. Don’t forget to check ’em out!

changing the rules of the game.

Like fashion trends, our terms might change over time. Keep up by reading them every now and then.

we might remove our site, or sections of it, at any time.

Our site, while absolutely free, is like your favourite coffee shop. Sometimes it’s open, sometimes it’s not. We could pause or pull the plug on all or bits of our site for reasons only business nerds would understand. We’ll try to shoot you a heads-up if that happens.

And remember, if you’re sharing your Wi-Fi, make sure your freeloaders know and follow our rules.

Oh, and by the way, our site is really into UK residents. Can’t promise it’s the right match for folks elsewhere.

how you share our cool stuff.

Everything on our site is ours or we’ve got a license for it. You can print or download bits for personal use or to show off to your colleagues. But don’t go rogue. You can’t alter anything, use our stuff for commercial gain or forget to credit us.

no free advice here.

Our content is for your general knowledge. Need advice? Consult a professional or even better, give us a call.

links and all that jazz.

Links to other sites on our website are just FYI, not an endorsement.

if things go pear-shaped.

We’re not superheroes. We won’t be liable for losses or damages unless we break the law. Your use of our site is at your own risk.

your personal stuff.

We’ll handle your personal info according to our Privacy Policy.

no nasty surprised.

We strive for a bug-free, virus-free experience but we can’t promise one. Use your own protection, and don’t bring any digital nasties with you.

sharing the love (or not!).

Feel free to link to our homepage, as long as you’re cool about it. Don’t make it look like we’re best buddies unless we actually are. We may also stop you from linking to us, so watch out for that.

legal jargon.

Any beef will be handled under English law. We’ll see you in an English or Welsh court if need be.

our name is our name.

“Lawbox” is ours and it’s trademarked, UK00003362104. Please don’t use it without asking us nicely first.


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