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Designed solutions - bespoke legals designed around you

This is where our passion for legal design really comes into its own. Our designed solutions are for businesses that want to drive change or take a dynamic approach to the development of their team, products or services. We have three main options for you.

1. solve system or process challenges

Do you have a business-wide legal system or process challenge, such as streamlining your contract management procedures? 

Best suited to medium and large businesses, our innovative, human-centric process will help to transform complex legal processes into user-friendly experiences.

By simplifying documents and streamlining procedures, we’ll empower you to navigate legal landscapes with ease, reducing misunderstandings and fostering collaboration. Sound good?

how does it work?

Our legal-design journey usually goes like this:

Discovery Understanding your legal challenges through interviews, observations, and data analysis, identifying stakeholders, pain points, and inefficiencies.  It requires our most important skills: listening and empathising.

Define We help you to articulate the problem statement, establish objectives, and prioritise issues for the legal design intervention. And we’ll do it using language that feels natural – no legalese here.

Ideation As a team, we’ll generate innovative solutions through brainstorming sessions and workshops, considering diverse perspectives and strategies for you and your user.

Prototype When things start to get interesting! We’ll quickly sketch or model promising solutions, gathering stakeholder feedback to ensure alignment with your business objectives.

Implement & EvaluateOnce we’ve arrived at your preferred option, it’s time to implement and refine it. We’ll monitor performance and iterate based on data to ensure continuous improvement and alignment with your business’s evolving needs.


Designed around you but typically starting from £10,000. As one of our most innovative and intensive options, it’s not cheap – but it is extremely valuable.


2. develop user-friendly branded contracts and agreements

Believe it or not, it’s sometimes really helpful for contracts to be easily understood by the very people who are affected by them. This is especially true when developing terms of business for consumers or the general public, where the end user is less likely to have a deep understanding of legal language and precedents.

And from a branding perspective, you want every touchpoint of your business to be consistent. So why would you suddenly sound like a lawyer when it comes to your T&Cs?

We’ll put those cold and confusing documents in the bin where they belong – while retaining the words that actually matter. 

For legal documents that reflect your business, communicate clearly with your clients and end users, and are legally compliant, just get in touch.

how does it work?

Well, we don’t want to give too many secrets away, but it follows a similar process to the one above. Together we’ll zero in on the documents themselves, tailoring them to your key stakeholders and end users.  Created with our special No More Yawn technology, your documents could include:

simplified language removing archaic legal phrases and Latin terms, replacing them with plain English equivalents. This will make the contract more accessible to those without a legal background

accessible structure forget pages and pages of tiny font, our docs are easy to navigate

visual aids we’re talking icons, illustrations, charts, tables, and diagrams to help explain complex concepts or data

examples or case studies these illustrate how specific clauses or provisions may be applied in real-life situations

summaries or highlights of key points we pick out anything of particular interest to the user, or importance from a legal or business stand point

interactive elements in some cases we use digital media to help with engagement


Starting from £1500 + VAT


3. integration with Product Development teams

Developing a new product or service can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be frustrating and nerve-wracking. The last thing you need is some jumped-up lawyer arriving late in the development process, telling you the last six months’ worth of progress is at risk

Instead, you want to know about any potential legal stumbling blocks upfront, avoid any unnecessary surprises and work with someone as solution-focused as you are.


how does it work?

Our team supports product development by ensuring compliance and ethical standards from early on in the process. We collaborate with developers to identify legal risks, navigate regulations, and foster consumer trust. 

By providing clear, user-friendly legal information, we’ll contribute to inclusive, legally compliant and innovative products and services. We can also help you be more sustainable by baking in net-zero practices at an early stage.


Let’s chat this one through – it depends on the size and complexity of the product or service that’s being developed, as well as the stage you’re currently at.

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