ToB - Responsibilities

This section sets out what we each agree to do to help the other to make sure we all do our jobs to the best of our ability.

  • You agree to co-operate with us in connection with the services and respond to queries promptly, providing us with accurate information to enable us to perform the services to the best of our ability without delay.
  • After we deliver an agreed piece of work to you, you will need to tell us whether the work is accepted and whether there are any issues with the work.
  • Where applicable, you will be responsible for the implementation of the work. This relates to implementation onto a website, app, business processes or other processes.  We are not liable for any costs you incur in implementing our services.

Data Protection, Confidentiality and IP

Some of our favourites, Data Protection (we all love the GDPR), confidentiality (as your information is yours and it is important that we keep this safe and confidential) and IP (those intellectual property rights that sit in your designs, your business that you need to protect (as well as our own).

To B Continued...
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The Heavy Stuff
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