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Our Legally Designed Terms of Business are designed with your customers in mind.

To create a perfectly bespoke set of terms of business we need some more information from you, simply click on the link to our questionnaire below, complete the form and we will be in touch shortly to confirm your requirements.

If you have any issues at all then please get in touch at onwards@lawboxlegal.com.


what are Legally Designed Terms of Business?

Our Legally Designed Terms of Business are designed with your customers in mind. We will take you through the design thinking process from empathising through to the end product. We will think about who needs to read the terms and make sure that what you get works for them and for you.

who needs it?

Legally Designed Terms are ideal for businesses who want to turn the complex into something that works. Perhaps your service or product is a little bit out of the ordinary. Perhaps you are a regulated business so need to tick regulatory boxes as well as business ones. Maybe your existing terms of business are getting in the way of delivering what you need to and you want to make the process faster. On the other hand, perhaps creativity and beauty are at the heart of what you do. If that is the case, your terms can become your calling card, just like everything else you do!


the difference between services or goods

We have two different sets of LUX terms of business. One is specifically for those offering services, the other is for those offering goods. In legal-speak the difference between the two is that goods are tangible (you can touch them) and services are generally intangible (they are something that a person receives that they cannot touch). A good example of the difference is in a hairdresser, the haircut would be the service, the sale of a bottle of shampoo afterward would be good.  It is often clear which category you fall under. However, if you are unclear or have a mix of the two, then feel free to get in touch.

what is the end product?

Your bespoke terms of business will be crafted specifically for you and will achieve the goals and objectives that you set out for us at the start. They will also be visually designed with your company in mind: whether that’s matching your company’s tone of voice, using your imagery or storytelling in the way you might with other touchpoints. Finally, it won’t be the legals letting the side down.

If you have an existing set of Terms of Business and would rather that we check these over to see how fit for purpose they are then check out our Terms of Business: Healthcheck. If you’d like to benefit from design thinking as applied to your Terms of Business but don’t have the budget for the full treatment why not check out our Terms of Business: LUX package?


To start the process of creating Legally Designed Terms of Business for you we just need a few details, click on the link below and we will begin the process!

If you have any questions at all then please email us at onwards@lawboxlegal.com.



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