Nathalia Trois Colognese


I am a bubbly person, Brazilian, nature-lover and also a business-oriented commercial lawyer with experience overseas and in the UK working with corporate clients in-house or externally in commercial matters of various nature including consumer, operations, real estate, marketing, tech, sales and procurement.

Although I have trained in litigation, over the last few years I redirected my career towards supporting clients in what happens before (and aiming to avoid) any disputes – commercial contracts negotiation and day-to-day legal matters.

At Lawbox Design, I assist clients with their general commercial and corporate queries, as well as by drafting policies and terms. My main contribution, however, sits in the background of Lawbox Design’s internal daily activities, by supporting in performing legal audits for prospective and current startup and scale-up clients to ensure their setup is legally sufficient and according to best practices, as well as helping to prepare and present ComplianceBox sessions and by providing ongoing support as needed.
Outside of work, I enjoy spending my time involved in my rock climbing club activities, cycling around London and surroundings with my partner, volunteering for Planet Patrol together with my paddleboarding mates and catching-up with my family and friends.
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