Why law done differently?

Everything that we do here at Lawbox evolves from at least one of the following aims.  They’re the reason Lawbox exists.  They’re our why!

  • We want to inspire positive change
  • We want to support everyone we work with to succeed in achieving their goals
  • We want businesses to view legal services as an investment as opposed to an unwanted necessity

But it’s no good having a ‘why’ without a ‘how’ right?

The flexible model.

At Lawbox we’ve chosen a consultancy model, which has paved the way for a different approach to delivering law, taking advantage of new technology and innovation to collaborate with our consultants and clients.

We now have the flexibility to deliver our services anywhere, at any time we, or our clients choose. This opens up vast opportunities for us to operate more efficiently and to tailor our services to our clients specific needs.

An enterprising spirit.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA.  As a firm, we’ve taken the best bits of legal practice – the expertise, the professionalism and the motivation to help others – but left bureaucracy and outdated traditions at the door.

Each of our consultants embodies that enterprising spirit.  Passionate, motivated and tenacious by nature, they know that every challenge is an opportunity to go on a journey with clients, and we support them with the resources and the team they need to succeed and give clients their best.

By constantly innovating to adapt to clients’ needs we create a better way for consultants and clients to do business together.

Scrapping the billable hours target.

Businesses look for more from their lawyers than expert legal advice. We know that they want meaningful relationships with experienced, approachable consultants who truly understand their business and the issues they face.

We believe a strong and sustainable business is founded on developing long-lasting relationships, so we don’t push our consultants to meet aggressive sales targets that force them to bounce from client to client, offering generic legal advice without looking at the bigger picture.

Consultancy fees should be outcome specific and, where possible, we should be able to clearly identify a return on investment.

We love tech!

The model we’ve adopted is enabled by the latest developments in technology, allowing us to be more efficient with our client’s time.  But tech moves fast so we’re on a constant look-out for improvements to our systems and keep a close eye on specific LegalTech innovations.

Check out our short video for more info on why we’re doing law differently…

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