contract reviews, drafting and negotiation

Does signing up to new contracts make you feel nervous or exposed?

we help growing businesses by:

  • Reviewing the contracts and agreements they’re asked to enter into
  • Explaining to them the risks that they may be exposed to
  • Advising on how to avoid them

Our expert consultants offer fast, flexible advice allowing you to take advantage of in-house legal support tailored to your specific needs.


why choose our contract review service?

  • Thorough expertise: Our seasoned legal team meticulously examines every contract, leaving no detail unchecked to protect your interests.
  • Risk mitigation: We identify potential pitfalls and risks, providing recommendations for clauses that need attention or negotiation.
  • Time efficiency: We offer quick turnaround times, allowing you to meet deadlines and seize opportunities without unnecessary delays.
  • Legal compliance: Ensure that your contracts align with current laws and regulations, reducing the risk of costly disputes or legal complications.
  • Clear communication: Our review reports are presented in plain language, making it easy for you to understand any legal implications and take informed actions.
  • Industry insight: Our experts have experience across various industries, ensuring your contracts meet industry-specific standards.
  • Strategic advantage: With our review, you gain a competitive edge by having contracts that are strategically sound and protective of your interests.
  • Negotiation support: If necessary, we provide guidance for negotiation strategies to improve contract terms in your favour, and we’ll even negotiate on your behalf.

Empower your business with contracts that enhance your relationships rather than hinder them. Our contract review service ensures that you enter agreements with confidence, knowing that your interests are protected.


Ad-hoc contract reviews – starting from £380 per contract

Retainers – starting from £450 per month

Prices exclude VAT.

Partner with us to streamline your contract review process and gain peace of mind in your business transactions.

10% discount on enquiries received via this page.


"As a creative digital agency, we completely get this! We have long felt that other sectors like legal could vastly improve the service they deliver by adopting a design-led approach to problem solving. The barriers have often been tradition and a reluctance to change which is why it’s so refreshing to see Lawbox deliver on this, and deliver it well!"

Liam Giles

Managing Director | Spindogs

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