business health check

Want to know if your business is boxing fit?

Newly formed company or established entity, understanding your legal exposure and knowing what to prioritise, from shareholder agreements through to supplier contracts, can all be a bit overwhelming.

For an interactive report and strategic advice on your future legal journey, just complete our quick health check questionnaire. One of our Lawboxers will be in touch soon.

Health Check Questionnaire
  • Complete the health check questionnaire (typically 10-15 minutes)
  • Responses are reviewed by our team of Lawboxers
  • We’ll contact you to run through your responses and ask a few more probing questions
  • We draft you a report, identifying your key risk areas, along with a proposed action plan for addressing them

who it’s for.

Anyone who isn’t clear on the legal risk their business is currently exposed to (that’s pretty much everyone by the way!).


£550 + VAT

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