04 March 2024

Stumbling into the Dragon's Den!

How to be loved by dragons

If you’re anything like us, we love unwinding with a cuppa and catching up on Dragons Den. What’s not to love about watching aspiring entrepreneurs share their dreams, pitch for investment and the best part, gain investment from the Dragons!

Unfortunately, even the pitches that end in success often fail to secure their much-coveted investment due to shortcomings in their processes and underlying contracts. The allure of securing a deal with the dragons is undeniable, yet behind the scenes, there exists a lesser-known narrative – the statistics of winners who do not get the investment due to the underlying due diligence process.

While the show boasts numerous success stories, it’s been well-documented that over 50% of entrepreneurs (despite winning over the Dragons) fail to seal the deal! This phenomenon raises the question: Why do some seemingly promising ventures falter at this crucial stage?

Firstly, due diligence is the meticulous examination of a company’s financial, legal, and operational aspects. Potential investors conduct this process to mitigate risks and ensure that the portrayed success of a business aligns with the actual health of the business. 

Now, whilst you may not be pitching on Dragons Den to the likes of Steven Bartlett and Deborah Meadon, you may one day be pitching for investment to others or maybe even preparing to sell or exit the business, in which case, your due diligence still needs to deliver a clean bill of health. Any shortcuts taken in haste are likely to come back and haunt you!

So, how can we help you tame a dragon just like Donkey did? If you’re serious about raising investment or even preparing your business for an outright sale, then putting some proactive support in place to tackle any shortfalls you might have could be a great option.  Our Lawbox Integrated service can do just that, with a thorough review of your business operations and a clear road map designed around your specific needs.

What’s more, Lawbox Integrated is designed to tackle your immediate support requirements as well as your longer-term strategic needs, allowing you to spread your legal costs over an extended period of time and get ahead of the game in preparing yourself for that all-important handshake!

If raising investment is part of your strategy or you’re starting to see exit on the horizon, drop us a line and we’ll be very happy to chat through your options.

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