09 November 2023

All about... legals that match your brand identity

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Your legal team, documents and processes should be an extension of your business - and a proof point for your brand.

Start-ups and scale-ups work hard on their brands. We know this because we do it too…

For example, we recently updated our messaging to be ‘legals you’ll actually like, designed for innovative, creative and sustainable companies’. It shows what we do – legal services including contracts and documents – and who we do it for – business owners who give a ****! We like to work with businesses on a journey, and that journey should ultimately lead to a better world for everyone.

When you’re a new business, particularly a purpose-driven one, you want your mission to shine through every touchpoint. So if you care about people, for example, the last thing you’ll want to do is present them with contracts they don’t understand or won’t read. It’s really important that everyone knows what they’re signing up for. It’s a basic rule for life as well as for business law.

At the same time, you do need your documents to be legally compliant. If you’re making all your agreements verbally or through a quick thumbs-up emoji, it might be tricky to prove the details later. But it’s also so much more than that. 

We believe that legals should be a proactive investment in your business, a ‘want’ not just a need. The benefits range from protecting your ideas to helping you navigate GDPR to preparing your business for sale. If that’s your ultimate exit plan, you should be tying up any legal loose ends as you go.

So if you’re a business that’s going places, you’ll want legal services that won’t slow you down or hold you back. And that’s where Lawbox Design comes in. Inspired by an international movement called legal design, we’re user-friendly, adaptable and empowering – and we put all of these traits into the work we do for you. If any of those words resonate with your brand, we’d love to help you take it further.

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