20 October 2021

Term of business explained: 7 things to ensure you include


in the first of our terms of business explained series we consider what your ToB's should include...

Terms of business are something that every business has – and needs. However, they aren’t necessarily something that every business wants to spend too long negotiating, nor are they something that most businesses are proud of.  Just over a year ago, we wrote an article about terms of business. We set out to explain why terms of business were becoming a point of difference for some businesses – legally designed terms of business anyway.

We were inundated.

Not only had we written what was (and continues to be) our most successful blog to date, but our phone rang non-stop with companies wanting to know how they could convert their tired terms of business into something that would help them get more business!

This series, explaining terms of business in more depth, follow-up that original blog with more information. In the year since our first ToB article we have been asked lots of questions! We wanted to share some of those questions – and our answers to them – with you here.


what should be terms of business contain?

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked is what should your terms of business contain? Essentially your terms of business should set out the way you will be conducting business with your customer/client. They should set out those basic terms that will remain the same again and again.

The 7 things everyone should consider when creating terms of business can be in our downloadable guide to Terms of Business – why not download our free guide?


terms of business – legally designed.

In the rest of this series, we will also be considering the different types of terms of business, how often they should be updated, and why we feel that legal design can have a hugely beneficial impact on your terms of business!

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