24 June 2021

A shift in mindset: why legal design is the future of law

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stepping outside of the traditional legal model

We first established Lawbox Design in order to offer solutions to a series of problems we felt traditional law firms were falling short of solving. We came to realise that the only way to solve these problems was to break the mould of traditional law, stepping outside of the old legal model, and creating a new one. One designed with clients and end-users as the focus.

Whilst stepping outside of the traditional legal structure has helped provide a solution to these problems – to really resolve these issues there needs to be a complete shift in mindset. Let’s start by considering what we mean by ‘problems’ in traditional law…

the problem: billable hours.


Yep, we are well aware that lawyers love a billable hour but we also think that structuring pricing in this way has been the cause of so many problems for clients.

It prevents clients from feeling that they can just pick up the phone; it prevents lawyers from adopting technology to support client conversations or finding a more efficient solution to a problem. Because everything is about the clock! So what have we done differently?

our solution: fixed-fee pricing.

We took away the clock! Our starting point (and preferred way of working) is a fixed fee, no ifs, no buts.

By working in this way we can provide our clients with the best possible solution to their needs. Find out more about our pricing here.

If you want to pay by the hour we will seek to understand why and we won’t charge for things that you wouldn’t expect to be charged for. 

the problem: billing targets.

Another issue we identified, closely linked to billable hours, is billing targets. Many lawyers aren’t rewarded for efficient delivery, they are rewarded for the hours that they work. 

our solution: focus on value.

Our only target at Lawbox Design is that you receive a solution to the problem you brought to us.

Our model removes the age-old hierarchy of the traditional law firm model so the consultants you work with aren’t set ridiculous billing targets in order to line the pockets of an equity partner who you’ve never met – and has had nothing to do with the matter you’ve been trying to resolve. 

the problem: expensive overheads.

Those slick flagship offices in expensive central city locations…should clients be paying for them? We were asking this question even before COVID left other firms wondering what the purpose of the office really is. Is it to get together with colleagues? Is it to bring clients together? Or something else?

our solution: flexible working.

Long before Covid had people struggling with the office vs. remote working conundrum, we opted to remove ourselves from the plush, high-street offices in central city locations and replaced them with a mix of remote working locations.

By doing this we are taking advantage of the available technology to coordinate our operations and to communicate with our clients and partners.

a different way of working.

Now that we’ve found solutions to these key problems, which stifle the modernisation and improvement of the traditional legal system, all of a sudden we’re free to get to know our clients and their challenges, properly, like we’ve always wanted to.

Lawboxers, our consultants, are all experts in their field working with freedom and flexibility to offer legal services, advice, and guidance on terms that meet their clients’ best interests.

the future is legal design.

But this is just the start. We’re looking to revolutionise the way legal services are delivered and will constantly evolve to ensure we exceed expectations. This revolution starts with legal design, and mindset is at the heart of it.

We use design thinking to really deliver for our clients. How is this a shift in mindset? It forces us to ask questions and to truly think about you and your stakeholders. It forces us to go further than traditional lawyers do when they provide a solution. It means that we are constantly looking for ways to improve and we aren’t afraid to admit when we haven’t got it right!

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