19 November 2020

Changing the face of legal: from needs to wants!

alternative legal service provider (ALSP)

who on earth 'wants' to engage with a legal advisor?!

This is a question we ask ourselves a lot and it’s a core driver behind the creation of Lawbox.  We don’t ask ourselves this question as part of a marketing exercise in the hope that the answer will suddenly provide us with lots of potential leads.  We ask it knowing the answer is not what we want it to be yet.

You see, lots of people might ‘need’ the services of a legal advisor but how many of those people who need the service actually want the service?

It’s a bit like having to buy a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine. You might need one, but I bet you can think of several more exciting ways of spending your hard-earned cash!

So, therein lies our problem.  It’s a problem that we don’t think many ‘legal people’ have ever really tried to solve. Why would they? So long as their services are ‘needed’ what incentive is there to try and make people actually want them? To the ‘legal person’ there doesn’t appear to be a problem at all.  They’ve trained hard to become a legal person and they understand the law.  They can sit comfortably in the knowledge that people will come to them with their legal problems, they will fix them, and then they will go away again, quite content (with an eye watering invoice stuffed in their back pocket). Knowledge is power, right?!

This is where we think a little differently.  Some of us at Lawbox aren’t lawyers and we’ve been on the receiving end of this patronising and archaic approach to delivering a professional service.  The type of service that you’re nervous about engaging with from the off and that is so ‘them and us’ that you never really feel comfortable and can’t wait for it to be over.

Yes, knowledge is power. But with power comes great responsibility!

We actually think there are huge opportunities being missed by legal service providers to do more than just solve legal problems.

How about sharing our knowledge and empowering our clients? How about connecting with them and really understanding their business beyond the legal problem they’ve come to you to solve?  How about identifying areas where they can help communicate better with their own clients? Even helping them to increase their sales! How about exploring what a client CAN do rather than telling them what they can’t do?

These are all things we’re building into our service, because guess what?

It’s good to be needed but it’s nicer to be wanted!

For more info on our approach to delivering legal services and to see whether you’re our type of client, check out our clients page here.