21 December 2020

Legal design around the World: is it a global movement?

legal design

join us on our legal design globe-trotting journey!

Our first formal introduction to legal design came a couple of years ago at Legal Geek’s annual conference. It was in line with the way we had been approaching legal problems for years and we were thrilled to have found a home for our unusual way of working.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the oddball! Finally, we had a name for what we were doing, and we also had a community we could grow and learn with. We fell in love with how collaborative the legal design movement is.

We knew that this was a way that we could create a legal offering to be proud of.

“There needs to be a revolution, and it needs to be user-centred”

Margaret Hagan, Law by Design

Legal designers are always learning and always looking to improve on what has gone before. Legal Design has been bubbling away in the background since the early 2000’s, where several academic papers, including a book entitled Visualisation of Legal Norms written by Colette R. Brunschwig outlined the importance of visual legal communication design.

Since then, there have been some real pioneers in this space that have been making sure that it is here to stay. As legal design starts to chip away at traditional law, we thought we would do our bit by shining a light on legal design around the world.

We have reached out to the global legal design community and we have asked what it is that makes legal design uniquely placed to solve the problems that arise in their jurisdictions.

legal design around the globe.

From France to Finland, Australia to Luxembourg, it is clear that the revolution has started!

Join us on our globe-trotting legal design adventure and be prepared to fall in love with legal design!

Finland – Dot

Antti Innanen is the founder of Dot, a consultancy advising on legal design, legal technology and legal training.




Finland – Lexpert Ltd

We couldn’t leave Finland without speaking with a true Legal Design pioneer…Helena Haapio from Lexpert Ltd.

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France-flag-legal-design-around-the-world-lawbox-designFrance – Amurabi

Marie Potel-Saville heads up Amurabi, one of France’s most successful ‘legal innovation by design’ agencies.

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