our mission

“Our challenge, and our mission, is to turn legal support from a need to a want” – Jamie Murray, Co-Founder | Lawbox Design

Lawbox Design was created to help innovative, creative and sustainable companies to enjoy legal services as a proactive investment in their business. We do this by applying our unique core principles to everything we do, so you can reach the next level as a compliant and future-ready force for (good) change.

what we do.

As a straight-talking legal consultancy, our consultants or “Lawboxers” are experts in corporate, commercial, regulatory and compliance law.

We’re united in our belief that a little legal know-how can improve business performance, innovation, brand perception, audience engagement, and conversion rates. And when we combine with your team or our own creatives and uX designers, amazing things can happen.

But, right now, legal services are usually a distressed purchase. Businesses tend only to engage with a solicitor when they have no other choice. We’re here to change that.

how we work.

Inspired by a growing international movement called legal design, we’re here to show the true value of the law. We listened to business owners, compliance officers, and even our clients’ customers about what they wanted from their legal services, then started making some changes…

changing to a design mindset

  • Designing around you – whether you opt for bespoke designed legals
     or just a few documents, we always start by listening
  • Keeping your users’ needs in mind, in terms of accessibility, readability and even desirability – we can make documents they’ll want to read
  • Staying in tune with your feedback, so we can iterate and improve

changing ways of working

  • Embracing innovation and real-time collaboration – we’ll use tech that works for you
  • Turning off the clock, making our services easy to understand, and pioneering transparent pricing
  • Flexing to your needs – want to work differently? Just ask.
  • Choosing expert Lawboxers and a network of diverse disciplines
  • Looking to the horizon so your business is ready for tomorrow, not just today

changing the world (well, some of it anyway)

  • Making a positive impact by aiming for B Corp status, signing up with Ecologi and supporting the Better Business Act
  • Helping you to help the environment, with our net-zero and ESG-focssed service.
  • Bringing good energy by actively seeking clients who share our values and sense of fun


To find out more about how we can make a difference to your business, take a look at our services.

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